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PT Mandiri Tunas Finance Chooses SunSystems for Simple Reporting

PT Mandiri Tunas Finance (MTF) is a financing company owned by PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. To support MTF business growth, the management has taken a big step to run its own IT Department along with the system, which was previously still using Tunas Group system.

“I was asked by the management to build the new IT system from scratch. In 2009 we began to setup the entire data center and the new system so it can be fully independent by 2010. We already have a system to run the multi finance, but we still use Tunas Group’s for our accounting. We want to have our own,” says Ramdhan Safitri, Head of MTF IT Division.

At the end of 2010, MTF invited several IT vendors to help the company with accounting solution. Then the company decided to implement SunSystems solution with Mitra Integrasi Informatika (MII) as system integrator.

SunSystems was chosen because Tunas Group uses the same system so that the adaptation process is expected to run smooth and furthermore because it has a rich features. “It’s value for money since we get the features we want that matches our budget. Of course there are other better and more expensive system, but SunSystems is proven to offer quality and more efficient,” says Ramdhan. While, MII was chosen because its credibility.

With a three months deadline, Ramdhan and his team was challenged to shift all the database smoothly. Without significant issue and thanks to support from MII, MTF fully uses its own accounting system using SunSystems in December 2010.

Ramdhan and his team also optimizes the features offered by SunSystems, especially the reporting automation. Thus, manual work could be minimized and reporting function could run more efficient, faster and accurate.

SunSystems is able to book all the daily transaction into the accounting system. The system run data’s from MTF core system by maintaining the company’s daily activities such as credit disbursement, payment reception, and collection. Then the data’s from the core system ledger are transferred to SunSystems and transformed into financial report, profit and loss, and various reporting that can be accessed by the management.

MTF has also been expanding its network to Major Island excluding Maluku and Papua with a total of 66 branches in 23 provinces. All the branch offices have also implemented online system.

Dealing with a potential client, field survey is needed before the credit is disbursed. If the client application is approved, the SunSystems began to obtain data’s related with down payment, credit disbursement, installment and collection.

This is where all the financial traffic is happening in the core system. Every day, transaction data’s from all branch offices flows to the database to be managed and converted by SunSystems into financial reports. The system also provides comfort by its ability to integrate working files in Word and Excel formats. And not just disbursement and installment, SunSystems also able to handles financial data related with promotional programs like interest and price discounts.

“Optimizing the features, especially reporting feature, is important and give a great impact to MTF business dynamics,” says Ramdhan.

In general, accounting system has the same capability in booking transaction, but SunSystems’ is better, more efficient and flexible. Thus, unlike other system, anyone can use it without the help from the IT division.

“This certainly decreases the IT team workload. We just need to provide maintenance and backup on big parameters and technically related administration,” Ramdhan explains.

The finance division now has 25 users handling data’s coming from 66 branch offices and transform it into reports sent to the headquarter. At headquarter, 18 employees manage IT aspects.

The IT system plays an important role in supporting the credit disbursement target and overall company’s business performance. The system should be able to run 100 percent continuously without disturbance. At the end of the process, SunSystems plays a crucial role to create a fast and precise financial report to make future decisions.

“Besides that, MII provided a good support and very responsive when we need it,” says Ramdan. The support quality is still maintained till now.

In the future, financial data’s generated by SunSystems is expected to be able to be transformed into projection purpose like planning, prediction and business intelligence that can be accessed from the dashboard.

With business intelligence feature generated from accurate data, the company can create a fast business and take strategic decision. To get there, the company is preparing core system consolidation.

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