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Ultra Jaya

PT Ultrajaya Milk Industry Tbk: Faster and More Friendly

ALL Retail Cisco

As the communication in the company is much improved, business expansion easier to do. And with a more controlled billing, in the long run business will run smoother and cost efficient.


PT United Tractors Tbk: Designing the Future, Today

ALL IT Service Management IT Strategy Plan

With the willingness to IT aspect role from business enabler to business enhancer, PT United Tractors Tbk (United Tractors) develops an IT blueprint as guideline to meet the company’s goal.


Improving Service Time and Security in PT Radana Bhaskara Finance Tbk

ALL Financial Service Mobile Application VMware

For a financing company, customer credentials are confidential data’s that has to be protected with a reliable security.

OTO Multiartha dan PT Summit OTO Finance

Summit Auto Group Experiences "Faster Problem Solving, Faster Growth"

ALL Enterprise Financial Service Software Define Infrastructure BMC

IT problem is now solved faster and with a complete documentation to be used to solve similar issue in future.

Atmajaya Gedung

Building an Academic IT Culture in Atmajaya

ALL Education IT Strategy Plan Risk and Compliance

Enhancing IT quality is not just about upgrading infrastructure, but also having the right and efficient management.


Strategic HR in PT Perusahaan Industri Ceres

ALL Enterprise Manufacturing Human Capital Management Human Resources

Self-service HR system enables HR Division to focus on what matters more.

Federal International Finance

FIF Group Improves IT Governance and Service

ALL Financial Service IT Governance Consulting Services

IT Governance and IT Service Catalog becomes important guideline to improve IT division service performance. Thus, by improving both, IT system role as business enabler could be optimized to support business growth.


KPEI is Pleased by Adaptive and Nimble Middleware

ALL Financial Service Government or Public Sector Enterprise Resource Planning Oracle

Oracle SOA Suite’s middleware application is an adaptive medium with the capability to integrate various heterogeneous applications. PT Kliring Penjaminan Efek Indonesia (KPEI) use the app advantage to develop and implement Straight-Through Processing (STP) system for a fast, efficient, and secure stock exchange transaction.