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Transformational Advantage

“Speed Up Your Process Automation

with MaxCloud”



Stands for MII Application Xcellerator that built on Microsoft Azure Platform. The Applications are Leave Request, Travel Request and Expense Claim.

Why MaxCloud?

MIIis using its experience of buildingexceptionally complex workflow applications and implement thebest practice into MaxCloud.  

Inlining MII experience in various companies with the state of the art Cloud Technology, MaxCloud were built to help companies moving forward from manual processes to automatization process. It even support mobility!

Key elements in the MaxCloud solution include:

  • User experience design, delivering compelling experiences via useful and engaging applications.
  • Application integration to cloud, enabling significant cost savings in terms of server investation.
  • “Connect anywhere”, a connected, collaborative mobile application that enable you to bring your task anywhere everywhere.
  • Built based on MII various experience and common used business process that has been implemented in big companies.

Transformational Advantage

Save your investment on servers, save time on building custom applications. Launch MaxCloud Now and be ready to transform your manual process. You can even say goodbye to your “Stack of Documents” now and be ready for the future ahead.


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