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Qlik The Next Gen BI

QLIK, the next generation Business Intelligent Solution for the best business analysis, monitoring & reporting solutions for precise and better business decision. The answer for all questions of your business analysis & insight (sales, target, revenue, margin, profit & loss, distribution) is right in your hand.

  • Dash board view assure you to have all activity & preview of your ongoing business.
  • Visible all-data & insight for monitoring & reporting needs that leads to better, faster & more precise decision making.
  • Access your personalized business dashboard via web browser using your personal gadget (iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet, etc.)
  • Receive alerts & notification directly to your personal business email anytime, anywhere.
  • Share insight & ideas with your team & co-worker using Social Features in QLIK (collaboration session & comment/annotation)
  • Never lose your track in business analysis by using bookmarks for your personalized dashboards
  • QLIK’s associative function automatically links data used for business analysis, monitoring & reporting purpose
  • Freedom to explore & analyze data from any perspective
  • Answer any question on the fly, real-time ina dynamic & interactive interface

What makes QLIK unique? Associative Function & In-Memory Technology:

  • Flexible
  • Dynamic
  • Follows the user
  • All data always visible
  • Minutes to change
  • Insight driven
  • Focused on users

Join with more than 36.000 customers in 100 countries across the world that already use QLIK and get your best business growth & performance with Business Intelligence Solution.

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