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Flexible IT Outsourcing Solution for PT PP London Sumatera Tbk

PT PP London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk. (LONSUM) IT department receives around 400 problems each months. But by outsourcing its IT support, the company now can focus more on what matters says Rafii Nyomin, Head of Information Systems LONSUM. Hardware and software replacement that previously took weeks to complete now can be solved in days. Employees don’t have to be bothered with procurement process, “There’s no more long administration process that takes time and energy,” says Rafii about how using IT outsourcing service could simplify things at LONSUM.

LONSUM is a giant plantation company that has been planting palm oil, rubber, cocoa, and tea for over a century. The company’s thousand hectares of plantations are located in Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. There are more than 70 locations that need IT support, from the ones in big cities to the remote ones with poor infrastructure.

All of the production process from seeding, planting, fertilizing, harvesting, postproduction, and sales needs IT support. IT is needed to record each activity and its stages and also to calculate and analyze to make the best business decision.

Previously, problem solving was only focused on how an IT problem can be solved. There is no discussion on user satisfaction, how long it takes to solve the problem and whether the problem is addressed accordingly. “While it is also important how the company could provide and measure the user comfort,” says.

The IT Department is responsible to ensure over 1,000 IT units to run well and give operational support as well as overall business development support. Therefore there is a need to continuously update IT software and hardware.

With all the support needed, each year LONSUM had to prepare investment plan. While the IT develops rapidly, LONSUM will be overwhelmed if all the huge needs and support have to be addressed in-house while there are also other issues like employees recruitment, equipment and other things that has to be addressed. Thus by outsourcing IT the company could manage the entire IT problem while concentrating on business growth.

“Previously, we react after the issue becomes a problem,” says Rafii. There was no focus on how IT support helps business development strategy, the company’s operation, and other important business aspects. But now, by outsourcing IT, some aspects are better handled and more prepared.

Since January 2007, some of the company’s IT functions have begun to be shifted to PT Mitra Integrasi Informatika (MII)— a subsidiary of PT Metrodata Electronics, Tbk. MII was chosen because its reputation, vast network, and long experience as well as strong commitment in IT. MII is responsible to provide IT support for the company for three years. For the early stage, MII provides Desktop Management Services that includes help desk and IT equipment’s like computer, printer, scanner, etc. MII also provide basic infrastructure and maintenance.

When taking over LONSUM IT support role, MII adjust to the company’s culture to be able to give the best advice in problem solving. So far, the service level agreement shows that on time service performance indicator stands at 95%, representing good user satisfaction.

In 2018, with the support from MII, LONSUM is expected to have internal and external information technology governance, which means all of the IT operation is reliable and more efficient. Going forward, LONSUM plans to optimize IT network and utilization, while developing other important support.

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