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Summit Auto Group Experiences "Faster Problem Solving, Faster Growth"

OTO Multiartha dan PT Summit OTO Finance
Ten thousands employees and three thousands PC are the numbers that has to be managed by PT OTO Multiartha and PT Summit OTO Finance IT Department. In daily operations, the automotive finance company runs more and more IT applications for its business process.

In the meantime, service quality to the IT user should also be improved to enable the company to grow.

As a consequence, IT infrastructure needs to be added and develop further to support OTO Multiartha’s car financing business with 94 branch offices and Summit OTO Finances’ motorcycle financing business with 120 branches.

Previously all business process are conducted manually, including when the IT is experiencing software or hardware problem. This means all the documentation, the employees handling the problem, the solution brought in was still manually, which later instead brought in various new problems.

“We had difficulties in measuring respond speed and resolution time upon every request because there was no system that record when a case is handled and solved,” says Ambri, Deputy Information Technology Division Head PT OTO Multiartha and PT Summit OTO Finance.

The company require compliance documentation including documenting the issue and the solution. All should have track record so that it can be easily monitored and analyzed. If the same problem occurred in the future, it can be easily solved.

Thus, PT OTO Multiartha and PT Summit OTO Finance, which is owned by Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation needs BMC Remedy solution, a proven solution that has been used by customers in various industries. PT Mitra Integrasi Informatika (MII)—a subsidiary of Metrodata – was chosen as the system integrator.

During the first stage implementation process conducted at the main office in August 2009, the company developed the system in the Information Technology Service Management scope. And a few months after similar work were done in regional offices in Jabodetabek.

After the implementation process started, every request is recorded from follow up to closing. So people who are involved in the process, resolution effort, the report and the statistic are known. And to check the progress, user could access the information through a link in the company intranet.

User seems to be very enthusiast about BMC Remedy, the number of ticket request topped 1,142 request as of December 2009 across the country. Among the popular problem is on the application error loading.

IT problem solving in each cities was done by regional IT departments in Surabaya, Medan, Mataram, Bandung, Makassar, and Denpasar. The system also tells that the most used IT infrastructure is at the main office.

Currently the IT is capable of solving problems faster. And when it’s done, there’s detailed information about the solution used. This help to draft knowledge-based literature to solve similar problem in the future.

With information given by BMC Remedy, the company could also figures whether a device is broken and the cost to repair it, and decide whether a device is no longer economically used. On the other side, response time helpdesk agent or support team had improved thanks to the measurement done by BMC Remedy Service Level Management module. Now everything is in order with a clear flow and responsibility.

One of BMC Remedy strengths is its single point contact or one gate service that makes operational helpdesk more focus and efficient. “This year we are opening 20 new branches, with more location new problems will come. But we are no longer worry on how to solve it,” says Ambri.

All parties responsible: user, technician, and programmer now understand that the process will be replicated to other divisions in the form of service request management and asset management. This is a crucial process for the system future development, which will be multitenancy. With it, HR Division for example will have an orderly documentation on health claims, employees leave, or work performance evaluation.

MII provides a good support from consultancy, design, to implementation and all was on schedule from June to august 2009. MII also provide excellent support either by phone or on site. When the principal release update, MII will help with the update at the company as well.

Now the company has 68 IT staffs. “Improvement is continuously done to bring ticket number down as well as improving the cost and time efficiency. We will work with MII to strengthen the existing platform,” explains Ambri

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