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Improving Service Time and Security in PT Radana Bhaskara Finance Tbk

As a multi-financing company Radana Bhaskara Finance Tbk (Radana Finance) understands well about the importance of providing fast service to customer. The company has taken the advantage of the digital information era to improve customer satisfaction by using mobile app for the past one year to get customers’ data.

In 2015, Radana Finance saw a big opportunity in the financing business. The company that started as a motorcycle financing company had spread its business wings to multi-finance, which now contributed 40 percent of the Radana’s Finance outstanding financing.

The company is not affiliated with any banks or with automotive brand holders. Thus being agnostic, the company has more freedom in tapping new market to grow its business.

Survey Application

With the huge room to grow, the company’s management decided to improve their services to customer. One that has to be improve is speeding up the application process that can be addressed by developing a mobile application to be used by surveyor to gather potential customers’ data.

The consideration to equip the surveyor with such tool is based on several aspects. First is to speed up time services. “We build the mobile application to speed up time services where customer data’s can be submitted through the app. Thus the surveyor doesn’t need to go to the office to hand over the data, this improves productivity,” says Head of IT Division PT Radana Bhaskara Finance Tbk. Rudi Apriyanto.

Other aspect is to minimize fraud by customer candidate or the surveyor itself. “We can check whether the surveyor came to the customer house or not. We know the customer live from GPS coordinate and later can be matched with photos and address,” he explains.


During the planning stage for the app, there were challenges that need to be addressed. First is the implementation, surveyor mindset has to be changed because they are used to do their work manually. This was a significant challenge for Radana Finance because changing mindset is not an easy task and many surveyors complained in the beginning.

The challenge leads to another challenge: customer data security. Concern on data security rose because the app will store customers’ confidential data. Thus, there are measures needs to be taken to prevent leakage.

Radana Finance IT division always active on taking part in VMware activities, especially since 2010 when the company started to use enterprise solution from VMware.

Since then the company’s IT division always gets updated about VMware’s latest products. One of the products turns out suit with the support needed by the company’s survey app.

“We saw an interesting feature from VMware AirWatch, which is mobile device management. We tried it and it fits our needs. And we have been using VMware since 2010 so the implementation process did not took long,” says Rudi.

AirWatch is used to “wrap” the application used by the surveyors. Thus, some of the surveyor’s activities can be monitored by the company’s management.

Among the AirWatch features used to monitor the surveyor’s activities is the GPS. Since the surveyors are equipped with a smartphone with GPS, the Airwatch GPS feature prevents the GPS in the smartphone to be manually switched off.

Another important feature used is Wipe Data. With it, the managers could wipe the data in the surveyors’ mobile device without involving the surveyors.


As expected, with AirWatch, time services improved. Previously, customer application process took more than 20 hours to be approved. Now, with the app and AirWatch’s guaranteed security, application process can be speed up to only 4 hours.

Other benefit is improvement in cost efficiency. Surveyors’ expenditures for fuel or printing photos can be reduced. Surveyor can just upload the picture through the app for credit analyst to take a look.

Other satisfying aspect obtained by Radana Finance by using AirWatch is MII’s consistent support from the beginning. MII is the VMware’s recommended vendor for AirWatch implementation.

“We actually already has a good relationship with MII when we implement Oracle Finance in 2008. But we still conducted the procedural procurement through tender, pitching, comparison and others. But MII prove it can provide the best service,” says Rudi.

Rudi says that service is the main aspect when selecting a partner. And Radana had a good experience with MII before. Another consideration is the good price point that MII offers.

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