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PT Ultrajaya Milk Industry Tbk: Faster and More Friendly

Ultra Jaya
When reading email, we often find abbreviation we hardly understand, taking us longer to get the message or replying it.

“Some people cannot write well, putting many abbreviation in email and text message making others get confused. If this happens in a company, it could mess around business,” says Edwin Sutedja, IT Manager at PT Ultrajaya Milk Industry Tbk (Ultrajaya).

That’s why Ultrajaya often rely on voice instead of written communication. Edwin says, in some aspects, voice message is more effective, humane, and friendly. It also contain personal touch making communication more effective, thus complaints or problem could get faster responds.

Previously, the dairy based F&B Company used a regular landline for local communication. The company figured that the communications between 25 branch offices in 15 cities in Java are mostly done using Private Automatic Branch eXchange (PABX). So, the company feels there should be a more efficient way to do it.

The company then implement IP based telephony to cut cost. The pilot project was conducted in two branch offices and at the main office. Unfortunately, the voice quality was not as good as analog.

“We immediately look for a more reliable solution,” says Suprasta, the deputy IT manager. The company decided to use Unified Communications from Cisco as the market leader in IP Telephony solution. Moreover Cisco provides all the equipment in one package. Luckily, Ultrajaya already has the network from the previous project that can be implemented for the new solution. With this, the company manages to cut cost. And for the system integrator, Ultrajaya decided to partner with PT Mitra Integrasi Informatika (MII), a subsidiary of Metrodata Group.

Using computer, the company deals all the voice call traffic in all of the branch offices. The operation is as simple as a few clicks, it is also easy to add features or extension thanks to the Ethernet network that enables the computer to add extension without adding cable lines.

Actually, the price of analog cable is cheaper than Ethernet. “The handset is also more expensive than analog. But we put forward the easiness when the company needs to expand, so it’s not just about cutting cost. If we want to add new department, we could just add new extension,” says Edwin.

Also, communication line management and billing are now more in control. In the long-term, cost will be more efficient. This will also be useful when branch office need a fast respond to its problem from the main office. In the branch offices, communication is faster with extension line.

Now, communications are done more by phone instead of email. With IP Telephony, conference call is also easier. Call center officer for example could easily forward a call directly to an extension, even if the person is at another office.

Users could also ask help for problems like program malfunction, wrong setting, and other issues. Complaints in the branch offices can be addressed in the branch office, unless it needs to be taken care by main office.

In the end, good communication can help better business. In general, IP Telephony impacts sales and distribution, especially in passing on the company’s policy or even discounts information. With the clear and easy communication, a supervisor that handles several branch offices could easily monitor their employees at any time.

There are now 400 users that use the IP Telephony at Ultrajaya and Campina Ice Cream. “Now we will install billing system at new location as the extensions expands. Everything can be designed including the call duration and whether it could only be used for local call or also international,” adds Suprasta.

It only took one month to install the IP Telephony at all of the branch offices because the company only needs to continue the previous project. Edwin considers MII provides an excellent service, especially on problem solving support. Now Ultrajaya is holding trainings with the help of MII. Despite the easiness, some of the site still needs MII to install the system.

The IP Telephony quality is now beats GSM network. “We work with Telkom and give us the network for the IP Telephony, but our internal operation should also do it right,” says Edwin.

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