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PT Redpath Indonesia: Boosting Confidence with the Right IT Strategy

Every Business wants to move forward and grow. Projects handled gets bigger and so does the number of employees. But to keep up with the business growth, a good system and support is needed, including in employee’s salary management.

PT Redpath Indonesia is an underground mining company focusing on construction, mechanical, drilling operation, and engineering. The company is also part of the Canadian Redpath Group. In Indonesia, Redpath work on the country largest gold and copper mining company PT Freeport Indonesia underground mines in Tembagapura, Papua.

Redpath is expanding its reach to other areas in Indonesia, that’s why the country has been moving its office from Tembagapura to Jakarta. Because of that, the company no longer uses Freeport facility to support its operation. The company now has to run its own IT system, which also connected to its headquarter in Canada.

“Previously our database scope is relatively small. We could still manage small database, but as the project in Freeport grows and as the company expand to other projects, we assume to have a data of 2.500 staffs. That is why we need a tough and reliable database to support out long-term business. We need a comprehensive data to support our database system,” says Richard Situmorang, Finance & Accounting Assistant Manager PT Redpath Indonesia.

For that reason, Redpath had been looking for several IT Solutions. And among a few system integrators, the company decided to partner with PT Mitra Integrasi Informatika (MII)—a subsidiary of Metrodata. At the time, the solution offered was OrangE that can also be used at site base in Papua. The solution also fits with the company plan to build its own web based independent system.

“We chose the solution from MII because it is a well-established company that will certainly give all the support needed making the implementation easier and can be further developed. We can also ask about everything to MII that has a capable team and well managed documentation system,” says Richard.

Richard wants a database system that could fit all the information needed and could be easily accessed. “Entry data and the value are there, we need a faster calculation,” he says. A special team was formed to make the program formulation from Excel. The result was then compared with OrangE in terms of data accuracy, timing, grade, and adjustment.

Form the comparison, OrangE certainly showed a better results, making the company to be able to focus to its program and development. “So we don't need to take over time when dealing with data’s of thousand staffs. We only need two days. We enter the data each month and compared it. No need to do one by one checking,” says Richard

In March 2006, Redpath began to implement OrangE in two modules: Human Resources and Payroll, including managing outsource employees. Since then the company sees a lot of benefit and developments.

In the first 1.5 year, Redpath did meet several difficulties. But at the end of 2008 a lot of improvement was made in terms of module, communication, and interface.

Managing salaries of thousands of staffs becomes easier, faster and efficient. It just took five days to manage 1,200 staffs’ salaries using word base. Previously it took longer and more people to do the finance accounting depending on the size of the database.

Now the company can also measure employees’ performance, evaluating achievement, and decide who could get a raise, bonus, and promotion. Not just achievement, certification and track record, things that influence salary, are available in the system.

Without OrangE, data is scattered and Redpath would still rely on Freeport. But what also sure is the company feels a good support from MII. Redpath is now able to transfer technology and knowledge as well as deals with problem.

Richard sees the next step implementation is at the HR division. Now, OrangE is only available on employees management and yet to involve HR strategic plan. With the implementation, the company will be able to see every employee’s dynamics like their career development, history, and others.

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