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PT Buana Finance Tbk: IT Solution for HR Performance

Buana Finance
Employees’ performance evaluation and employees’ appreciation are something that has to be taken seriously. Fairness in performance evaluation affects work ethos and motivation. While less appreciation towards good performance, that can be reflected trough bonus and incentives, could lead to loss of good talents.

For a finance company like Buana Finance, employees are the most important asset and play a crucial role in growth. Thus, to deal with the issue above, the company relies on IT solution to support its HR division.

Previously, before 2006, the company always finds it difficult to look and gather employees’ data since all was done manually and the system was not integrated. “Maybe we’ve lost all of the old data’s,” says Eri Ernanda, Personal Administration and Human Resources Information System Department Head PT Buana Finance Tbk.

Some of the important employees’ data includes each performance, remuneration, violation, and also reward and punishment. All these turns out can be well managed by OrangE. No matter who many employees coming in and out, with OrangE solution, all the data’s are kept by the company.

“During the first month, we are pretty much relied on PT Mitra Integrasi Informatika (MII)—a subsidiary of METRODATA. Eri and team supports us a lot so that in 3 to 4 months I managed to control 70% to 80% of employees’ data,” says Irvan Satyawan, Vice President Human Resources Development, General Services Division Head PT Buana Finance Tbk.

During the first stage of the implementation, on the 15th of each month the company has to prepare salaries to be paid on the 25th. “MII gave a good assistance but our team has to be able to manage the new system fast. In the first couple of months we work until 20.30 pm every day until we managed to handle the new system and all problem can be solved by phone,” says Eri.

And now, complaints from branch offices had significantly dropped. If previously there were 100 complaints a month, now it’s merely one. Help is also just a phone call away.

Why the company chooses OrangE? The system is flexible because its web based. The company wants employees able to access it outside office, including when they are taking leave. Then, the operation can be tailor made and customized according to the management policy. The pricing also fits with Buana Finance budget.

Besides that, a good HR system should also comply with the rules and regulations, including the latest tax regulation. Reporting should also be done in monthly basis. OrangE able to accommodate all these by managing employee’s list along with their tax number and gross income. Thus, their tax can be updated without having to wait until the end of the year.

Other helpful feature is Employee Self Services (ESS) where employees can input their own data such as medical reimbursement and leave. This cuts 70% of HR division work. Previously the HR has to input 200-350 health documents each month, but now the HR just needs to check and give approval.

Updated employees data could support carrier development, helping in performance evaluation, listing the education and professional experience as well as track record. The company could also look at the data in the system if they need a talent with a certain qualification.

Buana Finance applies two OrangE modules: operation module and strategic module. “The company policy requires the system to accommodate all the policies and synergize it,” says Eri.

"Other important thing is we don't want to input the same data twice. So we have a new system called E-Loan, which is expected to connect with ESS and OrangE," says Eri.

E-Loan is a corporate backbone system that manages business process that includes sales, finance and accounting. Going forward, HR division is expected to do less data input work and administration, but more on check and recheck to make sure all is running well. The HR division is also expected to develop employees’ solution and manage strategic module. “The energy allocated for administration tasks could only be 30% while the rest can be used to develop the system, because all is already taken care by the system,” says Eri.

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