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Bank OCBC NISP: One Console to Simplify All

One Console to Simplify All

With BMC Control-M, Bank OCBC NISP is simplifying the workload complexity in managing business process.

As one of the oldest lender in Indonesia, Bank OCBC NISP have a long record of solid achievement. The bank was established in April 4, 1941 with the name NV Nederlandsch Indische Spaar En Deposito Bank. And today, Bank OCBC NISP has grown to become one of the country’s largest lenders with over 330 branches in 59 cities in Indonesia. With more than 6,500 employees, Bank OCBC NISP continuously improves its performance.

Bobie Chandra, Head System &- Technology Architecture, Enterprise Integration Technology Division PT Bank OCBC NISP, Tbk, says IT now plays a very important role in the banking industry. In every aspect, IT has become a crucial factor and not just a supporting element. Thus, there are over 300 IT professional to assure optimal use of IT system to support the lender’s performance.

Workload Management Automation

One of Bank OCBC NISP innovative move is implementing BMC Control-M in its business process. BMC Control-M is a software developed by BMC Software Inc, an IT company based in Houston, Texas, that focuses in developing business service management (BSM) software.

BMC Control-M is specially designed for workload management automation or batch scheduling, which is expected to improve work efficiency and effectiveness. The solution match with the demand from the industry where workload keeps improving and gets more complex, while in the same time there are demand for more efficiency in terms of resource and time. Thus, BMC Control-M provide a perfect solution in answering the challenges.

Bobie explains that before using BMC Control-M the bank often troubled with workload management issue with significant consequences. “For example, when we are still using the manual system, trouble caused by human error sometime occured. This caused branches to open up late. Thus the potential lost and reputation risk is imaginable,“ Bobie says.

Other issue is delay in the business process because all of the managed work is not integrated in one console.

Despite the issue rarely came up, Bank OCBC NISP is committed to solve it. “The delay rarely occurred but when it happens it has a long consequences. Furthermore, workloads from new banking

application continue to increase. A delay will cause a chain reaction to other business process,” Bobie ads.

To fix this, Bobie says the bank took six months to do a series of research in finding the right solution. “WE don't want to be reckless. We must sure that the tool meets our needs. We have several options but after some review we picked BMC Control-M," says Bobie.

Bobie explains that there are at least four criteria’s used to decide which solution to use. First, the application should able to reduce human error. Second, the application should have history logs for monitoring. Third, monitoring ease through one console. And the last but not least, service commitment or reliable service level agreement.

Furthermore, other technical factor considered by Bank OCBC NISP is the application ability to adapt with the lender IT environment and adaptability to future changes. Bobie says workload or application that needs to be managed, whether coming from vendor or developed internally, continue to increase from day to day. “Core banking workload is hundreds or even thousands. The challenges is all the workload and application should be integrated to make the management and monitoring task easier,” he says.

Manageable Workload

After deciding to use BMC Control-M, next step is choosing the implementer partner. Bank OCBC NISP choose PT Mitra Integrasi Informatika (MII) as part of Metrodata Group to help implement BMC Control-M.

The implementation process was done in three phases. The first phase is working on AS 400 jobs, conducted in five months period from end of 2010 to 2011. The second phase is working on AS 400 jobs and integration with GUI Automation for job running in windows application conducted in four months period in early of 2012. And the final phase is integration with Greenplum application, which is a warehouse application data.

Bank OCBC NISP began to feel significant benefit soon as the BMC Control-M is implemented. Bobie also feel satisfied working with MII. He says so far MII has always been reliable and available when needed. MII is also active in giving assistance whenever is needed.

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