12 June 2019

Best Mobile App Development Platforms for 2019


Choosing the right mobile development technology isn’t a quick or easy process. With such a broad offering of development platforms, it’s easy to get lost. It all depends on your business goals, on your budget, and even on your resources. 

Why Should You Develop for Mobile With A Platform?

When you’re launching a digital or mobile strategy, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself after defining your business goals is which is the best app development platform for you. 

When you decide to adopt a mobile strategy and transform your business, a few things are about to happen: the demand for new apps will increase, as well as the need for speed and agility. Why? Because in a world that’s moving at hyper speed, being the fastest to respond to digital innovation opportunities determines who’s the leader and who’s the laggard. And no one wants to be the laggard.

Having the right technology by your side is a crucial step to make sure your IT team is able to deliver with the right time-to-market and with a great user experience without sinking into an ocean of backlog.


And, as we talk about digital strategies, there’s one more factor to consider. Mobility is moving beyond just pretty web and mobile apps in iOS and Android. In a multi-experience, adding engagement in new touchpoints like chat, voice, augmented reality, and wearable experiences have to be part of the plan.

many aspects for customers to rate vendors on, it is not easy for any vendor in a market to be number one. But for those that make it, there is now a new recognition in Peer Insights: the Customers’ Choice Distinction—which is only awarded to one or a few leaders in a market that have the top scores (above 4.2 out of a max of 5) and the most customers proving it (making them the most reliable scores).


That is why we feel honoured to achieve these unique recognitions by our customers:

  • OutSystems the only software vendor awarded “Customers’ Choice 2018” in two app dev markets.
  • OutSystems have the most reliable top satisfaction score (4.5 out of 5) by far (420+ reviews as of Nov. 23).

So, getting back to the beginning, finding the best mobile app development platform is all about finding that balance between a great product and great service. And that’s why part of our evaluation journey must include the review sites now that they provide you this valuable service.

This is just one of function to build digital banking using Outsystems and metrodata, you can have more information detail by ask us  


We guarantee customers will satisfied with our service because Metrodata has a team of professional consultants who have certificates and have received training.

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12 Jun 2019

Best Mobile App Development Platforms for 2019