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Efficient business processes provide the insights needed to gain the competitive edge

Drive organisational success by enhancing your digital interface.

Your organisation needs to interact effectively with your customers through digital channels. The key to better engagement is the effectiveness of your digital interface when it comes to interacting with your customers, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders. We have extensive capabilities to help you foster and protect valuable digital relationships with all your stakeholders.

Improve stakeholders interaction with:

1. Content and Marketing
We build digital channels for you, maintaining your corporate brand integrity in the ‘look and feel’ of your front-end, while integrating into your business back-ends to provide a seamless experience.

2. Design and Experience
With our custom development services, we design, build, implement, and manage software solutions that help you engage with your stakeholders effectively. 

3. Portals and Collaboration for Intranet Portal
We enable business productivity by implementing Microsoft solutions and integrating them with offerings from key partners, increasing your collaboration and ultimately your work output.

4. Enterprise Mobile Applications
We design, build, deliver, implement, manage, and support mobile solutions for a wide variety of vertical industries, offering you a strategic approach to delivering enterprise mobility.

5. Mobile Solutions
The potential of mobile applications to transform and accelerate business processes hinges not only on the speed and convenience of mobility itself, but also on the ability of end-user devices to sense, respond to, deliver, and capture information in real time.

6. Data Services
Your organisation collects large amounts of data on a daily basis. This data can be turned into useful intelligence to help you drive sales, develop new products, and reach new markets. We provide you with the right database administration, helping you to avoid losing money, wasting time, and putting your customer relationships in jeopardy.

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07 Apr 2023

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 merupakan sistem Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) komprehensif untuk segmen small medium business.Teknologi ini memudahkan pengelolaan proses bisnis, meningkatkan produktivitas, mendorong kolaborasi dengan akses data tersentralisasi dan aman.

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07 Mar 2023


Data adalah mata uang dan Database adalah aset strategis. Sementara itu, kepemilikan data adalah keuntungan ekonomi. Saat transformasi digital sedang berjalan, susunan Teknologi Informasi modern ditentukan oleh open source. Sehingga perusahaan harus beralih ke model operasi digital baru untuk bersaing dan tetap relevan.

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28 Feb 2023

Solusi Integrasi dan Otomasi Banyak Aplikasi Hanya dengan Satu Platform

Cara kerja Workato hanya memerlukan satu aplikasi saja untuk integrasi dan otomasi beberapa aplikasi. Satu aplikasi tersebut adalah Slack dan Microsoft Teams. Pengguna akan disuguhi tampilan dashboard yang informatif sehingga memudahkan dalam menyelesaikan beberapa pekerjaan sekaligus.

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20201127_Gartner 2021
27 Nov 2020

Tren Teknologi 2021 menurut Gartner

Pandemi COVID-19 telah mengakselerasi transformasi digital perusahaan. Trend bisnis di tahun 2020 secara garis besar dapat dikelompokkan menjadi people centricity, location independence, dan resilient delivery. Berdasarkan hasil studi,

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