Hybrid IT Infrastructure Services

Enable IT Infrastructure in traditional Data Center and Cloud

Defining the right mix of infrastructure: Traditional, Private and Public.

The data center has always been a somewhat complex place, with a mixed of options from which to choose how you want to operate workloads. The chosen path is generally selected after careful consideration of the costs and outcomes related to each approach from On-Premise Data Center, Hosting colocation, Managed Service Providers and Cloud environment.

So, which should you choose? The answer is that you should choose both and then leverage both sides of the equation when it makes sense. You might run particularly sensitive and latency‐sensitive applications on‐premises and then choose to move certain workloads into the cloud. For every workload in your portfolio, you need to develop a routine process that analyzes the need for that application and that helps you to decide where to run that application.

Hybrid IT combines the right mix of traditional IT, private cloud, and public cloud to meet your business and IT goals, so you can integrate new technologies where needed and maintain legacy systems where appropriate.

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