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One of the  challenge that exist in the current Digital transformation process is ensuring the quality of the software or application created, regardless the lack of time to do testing and validation and the high demand on changes.

To Achieve a high quality software or application IT organization within companies need to consider on how to handle this challenges. Not only to fulfill high demand of the business team but also to protect the brand image of the company.

Like all other area of IT, the challenges with Software or Application Testing also touch on three main component, which is People, Process and Technology.

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Within MII, we provide the services to help our customer to overcome this testing challenges by addressing each of the three main component People , Process and Technology. We provide the right skilled resource, the best practice and the tools to help our customer validating the quality of their software and applications.

MII provide end to end application testing services consist of Security Testing, Performance Testing, and Functional Testing.

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