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Many organizations suspect that their internal security threat is more pressing than their external security threat. The internal threat is predominantly the result of poor user security behaviour.

A Challenges for Enterprise User Security Solution

Administrators must keep user information up to date and secure for the entire enterprise. This task becomes more difficult as the number of applications and users increases. Typically, each user has multiple accounts on different databases, which means that each user must remember multiple passwords. The result is too many passwords for users to remember and too many accounts for administrators to effectively manage.

With thousands of users accessing database accounts, user administration requires substantial resources. Common information used by multiple applications, such as usernames, telephone numbers, and system roles and privileges, is typically fragmented across the enterprise. Such data increasingly becomes redundant, inconsistent, and difficult to manage.

In addition to user and account management problems, these conditions produce security problems as well. For example, any time a user leaves a company or changes jobs, that user's privileges should be changed the same day in order to guard against their misuse. However, large enterprises often have many user accounts distributed over multiple databases, and an administrator may be unable to make such timely changes.

Similarly, if your users have too many passwords, they may write them down, making them easy for others to copy. They may choose passwords that are easy to remember, making them easy for others to guess, and use the same password for multiple applications, risking wider consequences from a compromised password. All such user efforts to track multiple passwords can compromise enterprise security.

Enterprise User Security addresses user, administrative, and security challenges by relying on the identity management services.  Identity management is the process by which the complete security life cycle for network entities is managed in an organization. It typically refers to the management of an organization's application users, where steps in the security life cycle include account creation, suspension, privilege modification, and account deletion.

Users benefit from Enterprise User Security through single sign-on (SSO) or single password authentication, depending on the configuration chosen by the administrator. Using single sign-on, users need to authenticate only once and subsequent authentications take place transparently. This functionality requires SSL.

Single password authentication lets users authenticate to multiple databases with a single global password although each connection requires a unique authentication. The password is securely stored in the centrally located, LDAP-compliant directory, and protected with security mechanisms including encryption and Access Control Lists (ACLs). This approach improves usability by reducing the number of passwords to remember and manage, and by eliminating the overhead of setting up SSL.

Our professionals services for security needs, includes who will plan, design and implement the security solutions. For post implementation we also can maintain the same. We leave you to focus on your own business, while you leave your security issues with us. Our professionals can help in merging with an existing IT environment, implement or create a solution from scratch. We understand that the user and account management in an organization is also critical for business operational, and we ensure secured as well as compliant environment for Enterprise User Security management.

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