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Our goal is to make sure every project that you trust us—no matter how complex— leads to a successful, satisfactory outcome.

Transform technology to create value for your business

Disruption are everywhere.

Many big companies suffered from disruption within months not years.

At the same time, to achieve competitive advantage, organizations are increasingly looking towards adoption of future proof business application to ensure that their business can survive and growth in the next future.


At MII, we have a proven approach for all of our Implementation Services. We can help you meet deadlines, stay on track with your projects, save time, and increase the quality and functionality of your business processes. We leverage our experience and future proof technologies to improve organizational efficiency, gain agility, and transparency across industry and and enterprise world by delivering end to end solution from as simple as document management system to large scale enterprise application.

Customer Stories

Ceres: Flexible System for Flexible Business

Oracle e-Business Suite is an important supporting system for the dynamics of a growing company.

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Ceres product
Matahari Terbit: Unique Solutions for a Unique Business

Oracle Business Accelerator (OBA) is able to provide the right solutions for Bandung based jewelry maker Matahari Terbit’s unique business.

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matahari terbit

Recent Article

20 Apr 2018

Membangun Tempat Kerja yang 'Pintar'

Ketika berbicara mengenai otomasi, banyak aspek yang menyinggung kehidupan sehari-hari kita. Mulai dari telepon, mobil, rumah, bahkan jam tangan sekalipun. Seiring dengan bertumbuhnya otomasi, ada satu bagian yang paling kira rasa berubah: Workplace atau Tempat Kerja.

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19 Apr 2018

Website Baru MII dan Cerita di Belakangnya

MII baru saja memberikan perubahan besar-besaran pada website perusahaan yang awalnya memiliki tampilan konservatif dan tidak menarik menjadi sesuatu yang benar-benar baru dan lebih modern. 

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23 Jan 2018

Why Move to Cloud

You may have notice that "Cloud" phrase is being a buzzword in the technology industries since several years back then. At that time, many organisations have been sceptical about the performance of the Cloud. They doubt in how secure the Cloud keep the data.

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23 Jan 2018

Get Rid of Countless Unnecessary Meeting

Have you ever felt tired of having to meet and discuss over a small problem? The problem that can be solved in no time but still requires our presences. Imagine how troublesome it is when the distance between our location and the meeting point are so far to reach but the problem is really minor. The time we took to reach the meeting point are much longer than to discuss the problem. It is indeed upsetting and meaningless.

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