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Current businesses are experiencing new challenges due to emerging mobile technology, online commerce, and social media. These new developments make it easier for customers to use more than one channel, resulting in new customer behavior. Consumers now are in the Age of Assistance where they are more impatient and have higher expectations with the availability of information and instant response. How can businesses face these current challenges?

In order to answer this challenge, the business has to increase integration across various online and offline channels. This can be done by applying an omnichannel strategy to your business. A report by PWC shows that an increasing number of companies are investing in the omnichannel experience from 20% to more than 80% since 2020. This phenomena indicates that companies are recognizing the shift in customer behavior and the need to adopt the omnichannel as their strategy.

Omnichannel is a multichannel approach where the business is focused on providing seamless experiences from various channels used by customers, such as chat apps (WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc), as well as scaling up their online presence by providing a direct communication tool for customers, like live chat or in-app chat on their websites. The establishment of a good Customer Experience (CX) in omnichannel is also based on the integration of management processes in a business, such as centralization of channels owned by the business so that it can respond to customers more quickly and precisely. This initiative aims to build the relevant and best Customer Experience (CX) and scale up customer satisfaction.

This strategy is also used to emphasize that businesses can provide a consistent experience across multiple channels practically and simply to create a good Customer Experience (CX) on every part of the customers’ journey. Omnichannel has another benefit for business besides providing a better Customer Experience (CX). The benefits of omnichannel for your business are as follows.

  1. Improve customer loyalty

  2. Targeted and increasingly effective marketing activities

  3. Scale up business performance

  4. Provide insights and real-time data

  5. Connect and engage more with customers

  6. Increase the customer’s lifetime value

  7. Enhance the customer's journey

  8. Time- and cost-efficient

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