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We help you to develop proper IT Plan (3-5 years).

Plan IT. Don't Waste IT.

“A poor strategic planning can be worse than no strategic planning. It can be a big waste of time and money, or even worse, it can lead to a strategic disaster”. Our team are experienced IT strategic planning consultants.  We help many organizations to develop feasible IT Strategic Plan from Business Vision, so that they are able to avoid wasting a big money, and to ensure that IT always align with the business in term of planning and its execution.

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Energi Mega Persada
11 Mar 2018

PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk: Boosting Confidence with the Right IT Strategy

With the help from MII, PT Energi Mega Persada's ICT Department is confident its self-built IT blueprint can be best applied to support the company's goal.

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11 Mar 2018

PT United Tractors Tbk: Designing the Future, Today

With the willingness to IT aspect role from business enabler to business enhancer, PT United Tractors Tbk (United Tractors) develops an IT blueprint as guideline to meet the company’s goal.

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Atmajaya Gedung
11 Mar 2018

Building an Academic IT Culture in Atmajaya

Enhancing IT quality is not just about upgrading infrastructure, but also having the right and efficient management.

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27 Feb 2018

Business Continuity Plan for Mandiri Sekuritas to Assure Business Going Concern and Customer Comfort

Standard protocol implementation to deal with critical situation.

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