Managed Security Services

Helping Business to Address Security Challenges Through Managed Security Services

Leveraging Threat Detection & Protection, Incident Response, and Remediation through Managed Security Services

Every organization need the expertise of a managed security services provider (MSSP) to secure their IT environment by managing and monitoring their infrastructure from security threat. Nowadays, the threat landscape is rapidly evolving and become more sophisticated. An MSSP responds to a evolving threat landscape by responding to the security threat and focusing on maximizing resource effectiveness and minimizing damage.


MII will take on the responsibility on managing your infrastructure by providing you a managed Security Services solution. Our MSS Solution is a complete pack from security monitoring, security advisory, vulnerability management, threat intelligences services, incident response, and digital forensic services. Our services maximizing the efficiency of resources, and minimizing the cost you should expand for developing a security operation center.

Advantage on Outsourcing Your SOC to MSSP

·      Cost Savings: Because MSSP costs for security analysts, technology, applications and facilities are distributed across the MSSP customer, your organization will only pay for a reasonable fee.

·       Expertise and Experience : Organizations don’t need to invest on their people on training or certification, since the MSSP peoples contains a lot of security expert especially in cyber defense area. No need to overwhelmed on hiring internal people to do the security analysis on any security incident on your organizations. Let the MSSP do their job.

·       Advanced Technology : Implementing and adopting technologies for SOC is really hard. It needs a lot of experience and knowledge on each technology for your SOC. MSSP experts have a depth of experience from working with a wide array of customer environments, ensuring a broadened technical perspective, and actual combat knowledge about a greater variety of attack methods and issue resolution, remediation and recovery.

·       Hassle Free on Organizational Issue : By hiring an MSSP to supplement or enhance your security needs, you won’t have any of the above costs or headaches or organizational issues. As we know that hiring people is not easy, you have to know which person suit for every position needs on your SOC team. The organizations don’t have to build from scratch their policy on procedure for their SOC. MSSP will help to solve this kind of issue. Of course with permission, agreement, and legal standing with the customer.

Our Managed Security Services Included :

·       Security Operation Center Services

·       SIEM & Log Management

·       Vulnerability management Servics

·       Incident Response Services

·       Digital Forensic Services

·       Managed Security Devices

Please see details services of Managed Security Services Solution in section Security Operation Center Services.

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