Develop Your IT and Digital Potential with Metrodata Academy

After more than 40 years of being part of the technological development in Indonesia, Metrodata has been contributing to the development of Indonesian digital talents through Metrodata Academy, which was established in 2020.

We hold cooperation with some world-class technology training partners. With those partnerships, we develop education curriculum and able to fulfil requirements and inquiry in various formats. We have supported training for all industry.


Join Our Flagship Programs

1. Metrodata Training

Providing various certified training for the public conducted both online and offline.

2. Metrodata IT Camp

An intensive learning program with experienced mentors through selection stages and exams to produce professional Information Technology personnel.

3. Metrodata Internship

Developing skills and experience to produce professionals in the field of information technology ready to work.

4. Metrodata Teaching

Education and sharing programs by experts and all Metrodata entities to IT practitioners, free of charge.

Enjoy Multiple Benefit with Metrodata Academy
Complete Education Solution

Metrodata Academy provides a variety of educational options, ranging from professional training and certification, campus academy programs, job placement, internships, to various IT-related disciplines.

Profesional Trainer

We have mentors or instructors who are experienced and experts in their fields for you.

Learn Anywhere

Metrodata Academy is accessible anywhere so you can learn with reliable mentors wherever you are.

Join Metrodata Academy

Whatever your role, whether an IT professional or a student, develop digital talent potential with Metrodata Academy.