Proactive approach to identify risks in your system and to make sure you find it before anyone else

Our services incorporate all aspects covering information security risk assessment (vulnerability assessment, penetration test, IS risk assessment, and source code review),  information security assurance, managed security services, and information security training. The aim is to provide a holistic solution to emerging threats and technologies. 

Our List of Services 

  • Vulnerability Assessment 
    This service is designed for clients who want to know the weaknesses / information security issues from outside the system. In simple, in this activity, PT MII will help to provide a list of weaknesses (list of vulnerabilities) and prioritize risks based on existing weaknesses.  
  • Penetration Test 
    This service is designed to evaluate the vulnerabilities found in a system with the goal (objective) to determine whether or not the system can be exploited (broken).  
  • Security Assessment 
    This activity aims to ensure that the parameters contained in the system have been adapted to the existing security parameters. This activity will be done without limiting testing standpoint. In general, these security parameters will be adjusted to a common reference that has become the standard in common industry. 
  • Security Acceptance Test 
    Security Acceptance Test, similiar to User Acceptance Test in SDLC, ensures that application is appropriate in terms of security 
  • Source Code Review 
    The service aims to identify risks related to the security of the examination is done directly through the existing programming code that can cause vulnerabilities in a system. This activity can generally be carried out in stages of the SDLC and after production 
  • Social Engineering 
    This service is designed for clients who want to know their weakness / issues related to information security by exploiting exploit the weaknesses of the individuals associated directly or indirectly with the targeted system.