21 Jun 2024

Elimination of the company's manual process to achieve operational optimization

As a foundation that is part of the CSR program, a private company in Indonesia, the company was established to actively participate in building a training program, assistance, marketing facilitation, and financing facilitation to encourage MSMEs towards independence.


Business challenges

Companies consisting of many branch offices need to consolidate performance reports to the Central Office every month. However, the resulting report still uses a manual process using Excel documents, as well as verification of documents, approval, document consolidation and combined reports carried out by the office are still manual.


Project Purpose

In the context of eliminating the manual process that exists and takes a long time for companies for various work processes, companies need to build information systems that are finally decided to use the Powerapps application platform and BI power as data visualization data.


Results and benefits of solutions

After successfully implementing the PowerApps and Power BI application platform, the company managed to achieve several results, as follows:

  1. Data entry is done more easily using applications that are built with powerrapps
  2. The data update process is carried out on the application, data is stored in the company's database
  3. The verification and approval process is automated and carried out on applications by utilizing Microsoft Flow
  4. Making an automation report, with visualization of data analytics utilizing Power BI
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