20 Jun 2024

Privileged Access Management (PAM) to manage access and centralization of the company's credentials

Companies are engaged in the snack industry in Indonesia. Business activities as a food and beverage company have begun since 1979 through a company in Pati, Central Java, which starts from marketing peanut products which are finally produced until now and are distributed throughout Indonesia.


Business challenges

The company has more than 200 servers that access each user must be managed and periodically, each server must replace the password because the application server application must be secured from an unauthorized user. Thus, there needs to be restrictions on access by third-party to the company's resources.

Every application or server in the company has its own credential system, making it difficult in managing usernames and passwords. Thus, the company decided to use cyBERARK technology to secure access to the company's resources but still provided convenience to be managed,


Project Purpose

  1. Managing the use of credentials (user and password) through organized single console so that it can avoid unwanted access.
  2. Monitor the activities of each user when accessing a server to minimize cyber security risks.


Results and benefits of solutions

After successfully implementing Cyberarks for Privilege Access Management, the company managed to achieve several results, namely as follows:

  1. Managing centralized privileged accounts using a single cyberark single portal, so that the password update periodically is no longer needed.
  2. Access documentation and any changes for audit purposes
Cyber Security