14 Jun 2024

Ease of implementing the BI Fast payment system with Komi technology

The company is engaged in the banking world that has been established since 1970 by starting the focus of the business including all commercial bank activities as referred to in the banking law with the main objective of paying attention and serving the interests of the cooperative movement in Indonesia in accordance with the applicable cooperative law.

In its journey, the company follows the development of the banking world, including one of which is to provide convenience for customers by providing BI Fast payment services to facilitate public financial transactions.

Therefore, in order to meet the requirements as one of the participants of the BI Fast Payment System from Bank Indonesia and support the acceleration of the application of the BI Fast system, companies need Komi technology that is a technology created for the implementation of BI Fast.

Project Purpose

  • Helping companies have a blueprint of the Indonesian Payment System (IPS) 2025
  • Implement the BI-FAST and IT Infrastructure System (Server, Network, Application, and Database) that matches Bank Indonesia's standards.
  • Obey Indonesian banking regulations


  • Infrastructure procurement for data center and backup data center.
  • Procurement of licenses from Oracle, Redhat, and Software AG.
  • Komi's application implementation

Results & benefits

  • Companies can provide real time financial transactions 24/7
  • Implementation of the BI Fast system that presents complete services for various instruments and payment channels
  • Security with Fraud Detection, Anti-Money Laundering/AML, and Countering Financing/CFT features
  • Efficiency because proxy address as an alternative account number
Managed Services