14 Jun 2024

Communication innovation in banking with the implementation of chatbot

The company is a commercial bank that was established in 1995, noted history as the first local bank to introduce banking services through the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) machine in Indonesia in 1987. Therefore the company continues to expand its steps with optimal services.

As a service innovation, the company adopts chatbot technology to accommodate various questions from customers and employees with alert and comprehensive that can support communication between customers and employees in obtaining information in real-time.

Project Purpose

This project aims to create an outbound messaging, chat and live chat platform that can also be accessed through web and mobile devices to become alternative communication channels between:

Banks and customers.

Banks, especially the Employee Service Center, with company employees.

Technology Solution

Implementation of Omnichannel (SRM Service) 3Dolphins.

SRM 3Dolphins Chatbot Implementation.

Whatsapp Business API Implementation.

Implementation of Google Cloud Platform.

Development Chatbot for Internal Needs (Employees) and External (Bank Customers).

Benefits of Solution

In collaboration with PT Mitra Integration Informatics, the solution implemented by the company provides benefits in the form of providing information needed to company employees in the internal scope and to customers in the external scope quickly for 24 hours.

Data & AI