14 Jun 2024

Innovation in sales and connectivity management through salesforce

The company is a well -known private hospital network that has become a standard value for quality health services in Indonesia.

Along with the rapid development of business growth, companies have obstacles to operational systems that are still run manually. Some obstacles faced by the company related to this matter include several things, namely:

  1. Lack of visibility in the activities and sales performance of the company's B2B
  2. Data is still scattered in various systems
  3. The manual process on business process operations is not running effectively
  4. Lack of visibility in marketing campaign performance

Therefore the company implements Salesforce products as a business solution as part of the digitalization of the company's operational systems.


Project Purpose

  1. Provides solutions to capture, manage, and maintain sustainable prospects, opportunities, and customer relationships
  2. Salesforce implementation as sales and connectivity management with customers according to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) standards and the best digital capabilities
  3. Provide information needed by the company and its management with a real-time report display
  4. Produce company insights in strategic decision making and the creativity of the marketing team


  1. Integrate Salesforce by Main System on Back End Salesforce
  2. Salesforce Implementation Datatama to create a centralize dashboard as a solution to monitoring performance marketing
  3. Use social studio to capture negative feedback to be quickly followed up


Benefits of Solution

  1. The company has a centralized system and is able to see all information related to customers, such as Opportunity, MoU, and Quotation
  2. Companies have dashboard analytics to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaign work
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